South Australia

  • Project centred on circular magnetic feature resembling a Mount Weld style intrusion
  • Uranium and ionic absorption rare earth element potential
  • Historical exploration by Diamond Ventures in 19951 (focussing on locating kimberlites) identified Phosphorous between 2.3% and 3.74% P2O5
  • High-grade uranium (U3O8) mineralisation at Yarranna2 and ionic absorption REE mineralisation at Boland3 hosted in the Narlaby palaeochannel which is mapped to cover an extensive footprint with-in the Wirrulla Project
  • Satellite and radar imagery analysis has highlighted uranium (U3O8) mineralisation potential and defined a number of priority target areas
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3 – Cobra Resources PLC (COBR.LON) LSE announcement dated 11th September 2023